Belle River Family Photographer

Mini-Sessions are a smaller (cuter), even easier version of my full sessions!

They are perfect for an update of your family portraits, as a gift for someone (they make GREAT presents!) or no real reason at all.

Mini Sessions are also perfect for families who aren’t ready to commit to a full session, but want get a taste of a session with me.

What is a Mini-Session?

Mini Sessions are exactly what they sound like: smaller versions of my full lifestyle sessions.

The sessions are shorter (20 mins) than my usual sessions (45 mins) but a reduced session time does not mean reduced quality. The images from Mini-Sessions are beautiful and will, of course, be my signature style.

Sessions will be booked online and a session guide will be sent to you upon booking. This will have everything you need to know about your session including what to wear, preparing for a successful session along with loads of tips and tricks to get the most out of your session.

Belle River Family Photographer

Frequently Asked Questions

Will we get enough VARIETY from a mini-session?

Absolutely! During the mini-session, I have a ‘shot list’ that includes a different combination of photos. These include: family all together, kids all together, kids individually, and, if time, kids individually with Parents.

What should we wear?

Great question! Your outfits can make a huge difference to the overall look for your final images. I have a guide to help you plan your whole family’s outfits to ensure you have a beautiful cohesive look without being too matchy-matchy! This will be sent you upon booking.

I want to book in a Mini-Session but I’m worried my Child will just cry?

I have a very warm friendly personality and most children warm up to me quite quickly. If your child has a strong fear of strangers, I would recommend you book a Full Session instead, this would give us lots of time!

We don’t have any children but would still like some portraits as a couple. Is this something you do ?

Of course! I have been photographing couples for over four years, so you would be in good hands!

Can we bring along our fur baby to a Mini-Session ?

This depends on how many children will be attending your session. Photographing pets and children together does require a lot of time! Feel free to reach out to me and we chat about whether we can make it happen or not.

How many images will we get in our online gallery from our Mini-Session?

It can be tricky to give a specific number as the number of images depends on a variety of factors. But from most Mini-Sessions you can expect around 10+ images.

What happens if it rains on the day?

I shoot outdoor sessions in any kind of weather except the rain so I’ll make a call on the session day morning about rescheduling if the rain has set in.

What happens if we get sick?

If you or your babies are sick I am more than happy to postpone the session to another day. Same goes for me. Just please give me 24 hours notice if you can. I can move your booking to the next available mini-session date.