Your engagement session is coming up and you don’t know what you wear and what to expect! Don’t worry, literally everything you need to know to choose the best engagement outfit is all right here! I'm sharing all the dos of what makes an outfit AMAZING on camera.


There are a few key pieces that go into crafting your dream shoot. All of these things are adjustable, and they may or may not apply to what you want, which is totally fine! As always, if you have any questions or even a crazy idea for something, don't hesitate to ask- chances are I'll be on board!

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The first thing to think about when scheduling your engagement session is the time of year you want to do it. Some of my couples want their session to have a completely different look than their wedding day. Perhaps it's a different season or simply a location you won't be able to find on your wedding day.


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It's important to consider what kind of mood you're drawn to as well as what represents your relationship. If you have a location in mind, that's fantastic! If not, read my location guide blog



This is where the magic happens! Typically, the best glowy evening light is captured 1-2 hours before sunset and onwards. Alternatively, we can meet before sunrise (probably with a strong cup of coffee) and shoot for those immediately after the sun rises. Don't worry if the day doesn't bring any sunshine. Overcast and foggy sky can be quite stunning as well!

As we begin planning your engagement session, I'll look up the time of day you're considering so that we can plan accordingly!


Tecumseh Photoshoot | Engagement Pictures | Leah Marie Photography

First and foremost, I want you to wear whatever makes you feel like you! Comfort really is key. If you feel uncomfortable in your clothing, it will show on camera. Listen to your gut when it comes to what you feel good in. Some couples love an excuse to go all out on a fun, dressed up outfit. Others prefer a more casual, but polished look.

It is entirely up to you, but most of my couples choose to wear two outfits at their engagement session. One “us on a cute, casual date” outfit and one more formal outfit. This will give your session two different looks, and I recommend beginning with the “cute date” outfit first (as this will help you to feel more natural as we all warm-up).

If it is your style, don’t be afraid to dress things up! Your engagement session is the perfect opportunity to rock a fun, dressed up look that you might not normally have an excuse for. Long, flowy dresses and skirts look amazing on camera — they add movement to your clothing that tends to be very flattering and natural-looking. That being said, if you’re a very casual couple that hates to dress up, don’t feel pressured to wear anything that you don’t actually like.


Focus on coordinating colours, not matching colours. I generally recommend selecting lighter tones and more muted shades. Very bright, bold colors (think, like hot pink or cherry red types of tones) can sometimes distract viewers’ eyes to go to your clothing and not your faces.

The above being said . . . the above is a rule that can be broken when done well. Sometimes, a pop of colour can be the perfect touch for your engagement session colour palette! The key is having one big pop of colour — and the tone is subtle enough that it can complement the overall look. Like all good things in life, it’s all about balance!


Be bold with layers and accessories — jackets, sweaters, necklaces, scarves, belts, etc. all add dimension to your photos. Layers like jackets, sweaters, and scarves also make it easy to give yourself two “looks” without actually changing your outfit.

MOST patterns are okay for photos . . . but, graphics are not ideal. If you’re wearing a pattern, make sure it’s not overwhelming and distracting. Similar to choosing colors, we want to first draw attention to your faces, not your clothes.

Empty those pockets, literally. Guys, this one is generally most applicable to you. You’ll regret seeing your cell phone or keys showing through your pockets.


Bring along all the little things you love… Ideas on little gorgeous touches you can bring along include:

  • neutral-coloured blanket
  • Favourite board game
  • Some champagne to pop
  • Sparklers
  • An overflowing bouquet
  • Get your nails done and shine up your ring
  • Your fur baby

Feel free to bring something you both enjoy doing together, something to make it feel more like a date night!

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